About Us

From Noelle Andrea to Drea to Drue. This is the journey of our small brand. We've been manufacturing garments for other brands since 2001. As the industry change, our mission and vision changed too.
2017 was the start of our online selling journey because of some adversity. Our supplier back then shipped wrong type of fabrics from Korea. We couldn't ship it back because it was more complicated to do so. Back then, online sellings was starting to boom. So, we followed the wave and joined the market. We've gathered some bulk rellers to consume all the fabrics and yes, I must say it was pretty successful. 
As we progress as Noelle Andrea, we figured that we had to rebrand and make our name shorter. A friend suggested we name it as Drea. Meaning, friendly, smart, nice to be with, all the good qualities that you can think of as a lady. THAT'S DREA. 
PANDEMIC happened and we had to reroute. This is the time when we questioned our placing in the community as an organization like everyone else. That's how we changed to Drue. 
DRUE---meaning being TRUE!
 For us, it is being true to our services mission and vision .
So we've come up with clear segmentation of what can we offer to the public as an organization. Here are the following:
Drue.Shop PH & SG - retail stores
Drue.Bulk- orders with moq and resellers
Drue.Designs- uniforms with special design needs